My favorite band!; Hermitage Green!

My favorite band is Hermitage Green! 

Hermitage Green

Hermitage Green

They are from Ireland and I think I am a fan of them for about 2 years now. I remember going to their gig’s and you could get in for free. Now tickets are 18 EUR. To be honest at first I was like No Way!!! But then I realized I should be proud of them

Why do I like Hermitage Green so much? 

  • They have a unique sound, they stand out from the rest.
  • They are good-looking, all 5 of them!
  • They can sing!
  • They are funny during gigs. Having a laugh!

I just wanted to share these guys with all of you! I will be going to a gig of them in July and I seriously can not wait! I am so excited.

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