Main & Tail, not just for horses!

The Main & Tail product range.

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I love to change my hair color or get hair extensions but doing so damaged my hair badly. After the Hair extensions my hair felt very thin, then one of my friends recommended Main & Tail shampoo. The shampoo is supposed to make your hair grow faster. I do love the smell of the Main & Tail shampoo and I have to see secretly I do believe my hair is growing faster when I use it.

Main & Tail was originally shampoo for horses, until the owners started using it on themselves. There hair was growing faster and they decided to start selling it.

What Main & Tail promises you exactly is longer, healthier and stronger hair. Every girl’s and women’s dream right? I am still skeptical and I am not sure if I really believe it but at this moment I do think my hair is thicker and grows faster. Of course I am impatient and want my hair to grow a lot faster especially after the drastic haircut that was needed so badly. But left me with a short hair-do I can not get used to.

But is it the shampoo or not? It is something we might never figure out but for now I keep using it. Because some day I will have that beautiful and thick hair which is all my own. And I hope Main & Tail will make it easier.


Main & Tail. 


In between.

In between;

Dutch and English. 

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I am from the Netherlands, my native language is Dutch.

However I have been living  in Ireland now for about two and a half years. I am living together with my Irish boyfriend in a house we share with an Irish couple and one Dutch girl. I work for a big company were the main language is English. I do have Dutch speaking friends but as we have friends from different nationalities we do end up speaking English a lot.

I always loved speaking English, and it was my favorite subject at school, I was better in English then in Dutch grammar. When I moved to Ireland my English was good enough. I sometimes had to work on pronouncing words and I was learning more words on a regular base.

The more I used it the better I got, the more I used the better it felt. Until the point I feel weird speaking Dutch. I feel weird when talking to my family, I have to think twice about certain words and sometimes if someone asks me a question in Dutch I answer in English.

So at this moment I feel weird talking, reading and listening to my native language Dutch and I feel more comfortable in English. However although my English is of a high level it is not my native language. I am in between.


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She was standing under the shower, barely breathing. The hot water was burning her back and shoulders, still she did not scream.

Her body was numb, her feelings were gone. Her tears fell silently over her bruised face. She had to be quiet, he should not hear her. He hated crying, he hated sound, he hated burned food and a dirty house. He hated her, but she loved him. She could fix him, she could save him.

She stepped out of the shower and looked at her swollen and bruised face. She grabbed her make-up bag and started to put her make-up on. She had to do it carefully due to the bruises. He loved it if she kept her make-up simple and natural when she was not bruised, that way other men would not look at her. But if she was bruised she needed more make-up. She had to cover it up. She put her red lipstick on, so you would not be able to see the bruise that was forming on her upper lip.

She walked slowly to the bedroom. She had to walk slow as she had bruises on the side of her body. She put on jeans and a white long sleeve shirt. No bruises to be seen. She grabbed her sunglasses and covert her eyes. She took a few painkillers as the pain in her whole body was horrible. The shopping needed to be done. She got in her car, she cried silently as the pain went through her body.

She did not make the shop. Her eyes closed as the pain got worse. Her car stopped, an other car hit the back of hers. She did not feel anything and was slipping away. Finally peace and no more pain.

Weekly writing challenge: Unsaid.

The power of Make-up! How far will you go?

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“I love the confidence that makeup gives me.” 
― Tyra Banks –

Make-up gives you confidence, I fully agree. But why? Is make-up just like a mask? You can be ”someone else” for a day, a week or for months?

I like make-up, it makes me feel better. I do prefer to wear make-up if I have an emotional day as it prevents me from crying. To be honest I wear a lot of make-up on days I feel shit. I only figured that one out now and I am kind of shocked by it. So I started looking back; when did I start using make-up and when did it become a mask to hide behind?

It started when I was 14/15 and my parents were still together. I was not happy with my life, not at all. I was a very difficult child/teenager, aggressive and mean but that was the outside. I was sad and hurt on the inside so I used make-up. The make-up gave me a bitchy look and I liked it. It kept people away who otherwise would ask a lot of questions and would make me (most likely) break down and cry. And I hate crying, I still do. I do not like to show my real emotions.

But when did I stop wearing make-up as a mask. On the days I was happy. I now wear make-up when I have to get out of the house for work or if I go out. I do think this is a healthy way of wearing make-up. I do it for myself because I think it looks nicer but, not to hide myself behind it.

“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones” 
 Helena Rubinstein 

I do not agree with this quote as beauty is more than a mask of make-up as personality shines through the make-up mask. I do however agree with the following quote:

It’s our hearts and brains that we should exercise more often. You can put on all the makeup you want, but it won’t make your soul pretty.” 

– Kevyn Aucoin –



What you lately see a lot is contouring, with contouring you will highlight your facial features. It can change the way you look completely. As it changes the way your face looks completely you might become hesitant to go out without make-up. I spoke to girls before who will not leave the house if they are not wearing make-up. Some partners never saw their girlfriends without make-up.Now I am asking myself the question why? I think because of the following:

  1. People want to fit in.
  2. People are hiding their feelings.
  3. People are scared to show themselves.
  4. People want to be pretty/beautiful.


Please click here for a step by step tutorial.


Make-up makes you feel better about yourself. I do like make-up and I will not stop using it myself. However I will stay true to myself and only wear it when I feel like it.

With make-up you can become someone else, you can wear a mask! It is up to you how far you will go.

Relevant news or videos: 

Please check this link, four women get the make-over of their dreams but hate it.

Click here for the girl who never took of her make-up.




: in case that; granting or supposing that; on condition that.
: whether.

when or whenever. 

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What if? is a question I frequently ask myself. What if I did not move to Ireland. What if I did not meet my boyfriend. What if my parents never divorced.

It is a healthy question  to ask yourself from time to time. You can reevaluate the decisions you made before and maybe learn from past decisions. But it can also turn the other way. It can make you upset as the previous decision maybe let to an event in your life that was not that pleasant.

I could start talking about what if a lot now. However we both know that we will never know the other outcome. We might all want to know our what if’s but what would be the point in the what if, if we know everything upfront.

What if it’s boring – or if it’s not boring, it might be too revealing, or worse, it might be too revealing and still be boring.

Lily Tomlin
I wrote a short story about what if.

What if. 


Floor looked in the mirror while reapplying her lipstick. She looked stunning tonight, in her little black dress and her long blond curly hair loosely hanging down on her shoulders. She was very lucky with Micheal, being an executive director of such a big company. She was able to afford everything she always wanted. She was very lucky, indeed. But why did she keep telling herself that?

May 2008. 

Floor was getting ready for work, she already decided that there was no hope for her hair. Therefore she made a quick and easy bun. She  never wore any make-up as she was not able to apply it properly. Floor looked at her phone and knew she had to run to be on time for her bus. Floor grabbed her back and yelled up the stairs: I am off to work. Bye babes. She did not get a reply as Rob was still in bed unable to move due to a horrible hangover.

Rob was Floors boyfriend they had been living together since a month now. She loved Rob and could not imagine life without Rob. But he was not easy, he loved to drink and when he drunk he forgot he had a girlfriend. She knew she should end the relationship but she was madly in love.

Floor was running to catch her bus therefore, she did not see the car coming around the corner. The driver did not see Floor. Someone grabbed Floor by her arm, Floor went spinning and fell on top of the person grabbing her. They both fell on the floor, the guy in the car started yelling abuse at them and then drove off.

Floor looked at the person who grabbed her arm. It was a very handsome man with beautiful blue eyes. Are you okay? he asked Floor. Floor barely able to speak just nodded in response. I am going to walk with you to that cafe over there and we will have a coffee together just to calm your nerves he said. He still was holding Floor by her arm and did not let go of her until they were sitting down. He bought her a coffee, I am Michael he said what is your name?

Floor, I have to go to work I am late. I am sorry I cannot stick around. Thank you for saving me.

Please stay, I think you might be in a shock. Michael replied. As soon as Floor was standing up she was shaking.

Okay I stay.


Floor closed the bathroom door behind her and walked over to Michael. She looked him in his beautiful blue eyes and smiled. He was the man who saved her from the car that day. He was the man who helped her when her relationship with Rob got abusive. He was always there for her and loved her. Why was she even thinking of the what if. She was lucky. She was happy.

The End. 




: a strong and harmful need to regularly have something (such as a drug) or do something (such as gamble).

: an unusually great interest in something or a need to do or have something.

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I am a little intrigued as to when are you addicted, how long does it take before you are considered an addict. According to the definition above you can become addicted to basically anything, would this mean that we all will have our small little addictions without noticing?

When are you addicted: 

If you are suffering from  an addiction you have no control over what you do, take or use. It will affect your life, the people around you and your work negatively. Addiction will have an influence on your brain. Some people will say that addiction is a chronic brain disease that causes people to lose their ability to resist a craving, despite the negative effect it has on their everyday life.

The most common known addictions are:

  • Alcohol; It is a legal substance for adults. It is available in high amounts. Prolonged and excessive use could lead to a problem with addiction.
  • Smoking; A lot of people are guilty of this addiction although most people might not see it as an addiction. Technically you are not addicted to the cigarette but to the nicotine that is in the cigarette. Nicotine is highly addictive therefore it is so hard to stop smoking.
  • Drugs; On prescription or illegal.  Repeated use can alter the way the brain works and functions and therefore cause problems at work or/and home.
  • Gambling; A compulsive activity where the individual is unable to stop. Even-though it is causing problems.

There is one thing all addictions have in common; it will affect your personal life negatively. Depending on how severe the addiction is you might lose friends, family or even yourself.  Addictions will sneak up on you and not every addiction is as bad as the other.

Let’s look a little bit more into…

Alcohol addiction: 

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Alcohol is a legal substance therefore it might be hard to notice the fine line of addiction. Like said above an addiction will affect your life negatively. A few signs of alcohol addiction are;

  • You cannot stop drinking or control how much you drink.
  • You need to drink more to get the same effect.
  • You have withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking.

There are more signs to recognize alcoholism, please click here.

Nicotine addiction: 

I am myself guilty of this addiction. 

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What is nicotine?

The tobacco plant uses nicotine as a natural protection. It protects the plant from being eaten by insects. Nicotine is a natural insecticide. A few signs of nicotine addiction are:

  • You can’t stop smoking.
  • You keep smoking despite health problems.

Please click here for more information about nicotine addiction.

Drugs addiction: 

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There are various drugs on the market with new ones coming out once in a while. I will not go into it as much as it is such a widespread topic. However there are many people who are able to use drugs without it becoming a big issue for their everyday life. It is not easy overcoming a drug addiction and it does not only take willpower to get past the addiction. Drugs will alter your brain in ways we can only understand until a certain level.

A few signs of drug addiction:

  • You take drugs to avoid or relieve withdrawal symptoms.
  • You abandon activities you used to enjoy.
  • You use drugs while it is hurting you.

Please click here for more information.

Gambling addiction: 

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A gambling problem that is severe would be if gambling is all you can think about, it will hurt you, your family and will hurt you financially. However gambling is a problem if it causes problems.

A few signs of gambling addiction:

  • Loss of control over the time spend on gambling.
  • Loss of control over the money spend on gambling.
  • Developing an emotional  dependency on gambling.

Please click here for more signs.

A list of addictions, unusual or taboo: 

  1. Hair pulling.
  2. Video games.
  3. Sex addiction.
  4. Music addiction.
  5. Internet addiction.
  6. Plastic surgery.
  7. Tanning addiction.
  8. Piercing/tattoo addiction.
  9. Animal hoarding.
  10. Lying, compulsive.

Understanding an addict:

Do not forget that an addicts brain will function different then that of someone without an addiction. However in these modern times it is hard to meet someone who has no addictions at all. However according to the definition of addiction anyone could have an addiction without even knowing it.

You will not be able to fully understand an addict as there are various factors in play. Every addict is a different person with a different background and response differently to their addiction. Therefore it is important you look into a certain addiction so you will be able to understand it better.


My conclusion after looking into addiction is that it is hard for people to get over addictions. It sounds harder than I always thought it would be. Willpower alone is not enough, they need a support base and the right person or organisation to assist/help them. It will always be a difficult and maybe sensitive topic however I do hope people will realize that most likely everybody has some sort of addiction. So bear that in mind when you talk badly about people who are addicted and remember their brain is part of it to.

Being Weird.


adjective \ˈwird\

: unusual or strange

Weird is something unusual or strange. And when does something or someone become unusual or strange? 

To be honest when I was looking into the word weird and all the weird facts that you can find on the internet I did not expect that it would change my opinion about the word weird. Because when is something weird, unusual or strange? It has to do with your own opinion, experience and your upbringing. I guess this brings everything down to nature-nurture, I guess you really can not escape that one.

I used to think that people with a lot of piercings were weird. Then I got a few piercings myself so my opinion changed a small bit. The big turn-around for me was the moment I was in Dublin on a shopping trip and one of my friends was buying new shoes.

My friend first got assistance of a pretty girl but she was very arrogant. So my friend turned to the only other person working that day. It was a guy with a lot of facial piercings but he helped my friend perfectly. Found the perfect pair of shoe’s, gave great advise and even provided a new pair of laces with it. (I used to work in a shoe shop myself and except this kind of service). Then I decided piercings should not matter.

So should you always disregard your opinion about someone?

It is a very difficult topic. Because like with everything weirdness has its extremes and should you make yourself uncomfortable by accepting it? I do not think so, I think you should stay true to your self. But saying it and doing it are two different thinks. You should however accept everybody the way they are. Of course it is normal to have questions about the reason why people have certain thing or do it in a certain way. But instead of laughing about it with your friends, why do you not ask the person in question the why?

I heard the story before about a girl who was badly burned. It was very visible and everybody was looking at her when she was walking past them on the street. It made her feel self-conscious, she got scared to go outside. What she did mention was is that she did not mind people asking her what happened. However it were only children who would ask her, she would answer them that she had scares due to fire and that they needed to be careful with fire. Most of the times the parents would drag the child away before she could answer.

In this case asking is better. Just think if you were in her shoes how would you feel? So next time, go over and ask!

Just remember next time you think someone is weird, strange or unusual they might think exactly the same about you!