Moving; Quick and Easy.

So me and my boyfriend are looking for our own place. At the moment we live in a house with three other people, which make it 5 in total! Which is a bit too much sometimes. I will miss my housemates but can’t wait for the next step with my boyfriend.

I like to be prepared before the big move. And seeing as we do have loads of stuff I think we need to organize the move properly. But how do you do that?

1. Pack an overnight bag with all the essentials!


After moving stuff I guarantee you that you will be tired. If you have an overnight bag you do not need to go through all the boxes or bags to look for everything you might need.


What I would put in my overnight bag: 

– Toothpaste & toothbrush

– Shower gel & Shampoo.

– Pyjamas.

– Clothes for the next day.

– Cat food.

2. If you use boxes. Number the boxes and label them! 

By numbering the boxes you will be able to unpack the items you need most first. And by labeling your boxes you will be able to see to which room they have to go.


Box 1 will be the cleaning box. It is a new house but I would prefer cleaning it before moving all my stuff in. You are not always guaranteed that the house is cleaned by a professional. Therefore before I place my stuff in places I will clean it out first. And this box will contain toiler paper!!

Sometimes it might be easier to put these items in a clear box. In that way it stands out from all the boxes.

Box 2 will be the cookware box. Even-though you might not have the energy or time for cooking the first few days it is very handy to have it ready. You might need plates and cutlery for take-away.

In fairness houses in Ireland most of the time come furnished, but you still might have your own cookware.

After these boxes you can continue packing from important items to less important  items.

The way I would pack the boxes it by giving the first two or three important boxes and after that I will continue with labeling the boxes.

TIP! While packing you kitchen ware or any fragile items pack them in your clothes! It will save you on paper or bubble wrapping! And for extra padding, pack your glasses in socks!! 

3. If time; Clean the kitchen and bathroom before moving in! 

You would like to eat and you would like a nice hot shower after a moving all the stuff. It will provide you with more time when you do actually move in your stuff.

4. Make pictures of the new house and the old house!

Make pictures before you move into you new place when it is still empty and make pictures of your old place when it is empty and cleaned out.

If the landlord is being difficult about the deposit you will have the pictures as proof!

5. Do your last shopping trip two or one week before moving. 

It will save you moving over all your food or throwing out all the food. Which of-course would be such a waste.

6. If you do have pets. It might be handy to have someone else mind them.

Our cat Jack

Our cat Jack

You do not want to lose your pets while your moving. The move is stressful enough let alone then loosing your pets on top of that.

If me and my boyfriend are moving we will be moving from a place with housemates to a place for just us and our two cats. Which means we do not need to defrost the fridge. And because the houses are furnished we do not need to bring over furniture which makes it easier to move. But it is still stressful.

So fingers crossed and lets hope we will be will like the place and soon be on our own.




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