Main & Tail, not just for horses!

The Main & Tail product range.

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I love to change my hair color or get hair extensions but doing so damaged my hair badly. After the Hair extensions my hair felt very thin, then one of my friends recommended Main & Tail shampoo. The shampoo is supposed to make your hair grow faster. I do love the smell of the Main & Tail shampoo and I have to see secretly I do believe my hair is growing faster when I use it.

Main & Tail was originally shampoo for horses, until the owners started using it on themselves. There hair was growing faster and they decided to start selling it.

What Main & Tail promises you exactly is longer, healthier and stronger hair. Every girl’s and women’s dream right? I am still skeptical and I am not sure if I really believe it but at this moment I do think my hair is thicker and grows faster. Of course I am impatient and want my hair to grow a lot faster especially after the drastic haircut that was needed so badly. But left me with a short hair-do I can not get used to.

But is it the shampoo or not? It is something we might never figure out but for now I keep using it. Because some day I will have that beautiful and thick hair which is all my own. And I hope Main & Tail will make it easier.


Main & Tail. 


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