In between.

In between;

Dutch and English. 

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I am from the Netherlands, my native language is Dutch.

However I have been living  in Ireland now for about two and a half years. I am living together with my Irish boyfriend in a house we share with an Irish couple and one Dutch girl. I work for a big company were the main language is English. I do have Dutch speaking friends but as we have friends from different nationalities we do end up speaking English a lot.

I always loved speaking English, and it was my favorite subject at school, I was better in English then in Dutch grammar. When I moved to Ireland my English was good enough. I sometimes had to work on pronouncing words and I was learning more words on a regular base.

The more I used it the better I got, the more I used the better it felt. Until the point I feel weird speaking Dutch. I feel weird when talking to my family, I have to think twice about certain words and sometimes if someone asks me a question in Dutch I answer in English.

So at this moment I feel weird talking, reading and listening to my native language Dutch and I feel more comfortable in English. However although my English is of a high level it is not my native language. I am in between.


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