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She was standing under the shower, barely breathing. The hot water was burning her back and shoulders, still she did not scream.

Her body was numb, her feelings were gone. Her tears fell silently over her bruised face. She had to be quiet, he should not hear her. He hated crying, he hated sound, he hated burned food and a dirty house. He hated her, but she loved him. She could fix him, she could save him.

She stepped out of the shower and looked at her swollen and bruised face. She grabbed her make-up bag and started to put her make-up on. She had to do it carefully due to the bruises. He loved it if she kept her make-up simple and natural when she was not bruised, that way other men would not look at her. But if she was bruised she needed more make-up. She had to cover it up. She put her red lipstick on, so you would not be able to see the bruise that was forming on her upper lip.

She walked slowly to the bedroom. She had to walk slow as she had bruises on the side of her body. She put on jeans and a white long sleeve shirt. No bruises to be seen. She grabbed her sunglasses and covert her eyes. She took a few painkillers as the pain in her whole body was horrible. The shopping needed to be done. She got in her car, she cried silently as the pain went through her body.

She did not make the shop. Her eyes closed as the pain got worse. Her car stopped, an other car hit the back of hers. She did not feel anything and was slipping away. Finally peace and no more pain.

Weekly writing challenge: Unsaid.


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