The power of Make-up! How far will you go?

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“I love the confidence that makeup gives me.” 
― Tyra Banks –

Make-up gives you confidence, I fully agree. But why? Is make-up just like a mask? You can be ”someone else” for a day, a week or for months?

I like make-up, it makes me feel better. I do prefer to wear make-up if I have an emotional day as it prevents me from crying. To be honest I wear a lot of make-up on days I feel shit. I only figured that one out now and I am kind of shocked by it. So I started looking back; when did I start using make-up and when did it become a mask to hide behind?

It started when I was 14/15 and my parents were still together. I was not happy with my life, not at all. I was a very difficult child/teenager, aggressive and mean but that was the outside. I was sad and hurt on the inside so I used make-up. The make-up gave me a bitchy look and I liked it. It kept people away who otherwise would ask a lot of questions and would make me (most likely) break down and cry. And I hate crying, I still do. I do not like to show my real emotions.

But when did I stop wearing make-up as a mask. On the days I was happy. I now wear make-up when I have to get out of the house for work or if I go out. I do think this is a healthy way of wearing make-up. I do it for myself because I think it looks nicer but, not to hide myself behind it.

“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones” 
 Helena Rubinstein 

I do not agree with this quote as beauty is more than a mask of make-up as personality shines through the make-up mask. I do however agree with the following quote:

It’s our hearts and brains that we should exercise more often. You can put on all the makeup you want, but it won’t make your soul pretty.” 

– Kevyn Aucoin –



What you lately see a lot is contouring, with contouring you will highlight your facial features. It can change the way you look completely. As it changes the way your face looks completely you might become hesitant to go out without make-up. I spoke to girls before who will not leave the house if they are not wearing make-up. Some partners never saw their girlfriends without make-up.Now I am asking myself the question why? I think because of the following:

  1. People want to fit in.
  2. People are hiding their feelings.
  3. People are scared to show themselves.
  4. People want to be pretty/beautiful.


Please click here for a step by step tutorial.


Make-up makes you feel better about yourself. I do like make-up and I will not stop using it myself. However I will stay true to myself and only wear it when I feel like it.

With make-up you can become someone else, you can wear a mask! It is up to you how far you will go.

Relevant news or videos: 

Please check this link, four women get the make-over of their dreams but hate it.

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