: in case that; granting or supposing that; on condition that.
: whether.

when or whenever. 

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What if? is a question I frequently ask myself. What if I did not move to Ireland. What if I did not meet my boyfriend. What if my parents never divorced.

It is a healthy question  to ask yourself from time to time. You can reevaluate the decisions you made before and maybe learn from past decisions. But it can also turn the other way. It can make you upset as the previous decision maybe let to an event in your life that was not that pleasant.

I could start talking about what if a lot now. However we both know that we will never know the other outcome. We might all want to know our what if’s but what would be the point in the what if, if we know everything upfront.

What if it’s boring – or if it’s not boring, it might be too revealing, or worse, it might be too revealing and still be boring.

Lily Tomlin
I wrote a short story about what if.

What if. 


Floor looked in the mirror while reapplying her lipstick. She looked stunning tonight, in her little black dress and her long blond curly hair loosely hanging down on her shoulders. She was very lucky with Micheal, being an executive director of such a big company. She was able to afford everything she always wanted. She was very lucky, indeed. But why did she keep telling herself that?

May 2008. 

Floor was getting ready for work, she already decided that there was no hope for her hair. Therefore she made a quick and easy bun. She  never wore any make-up as she was not able to apply it properly. Floor looked at her phone and knew she had to run to be on time for her bus. Floor grabbed her back and yelled up the stairs: I am off to work. Bye babes. She did not get a reply as Rob was still in bed unable to move due to a horrible hangover.

Rob was Floors boyfriend they had been living together since a month now. She loved Rob and could not imagine life without Rob. But he was not easy, he loved to drink and when he drunk he forgot he had a girlfriend. She knew she should end the relationship but she was madly in love.

Floor was running to catch her bus therefore, she did not see the car coming around the corner. The driver did not see Floor. Someone grabbed Floor by her arm, Floor went spinning and fell on top of the person grabbing her. They both fell on the floor, the guy in the car started yelling abuse at them and then drove off.

Floor looked at the person who grabbed her arm. It was a very handsome man with beautiful blue eyes. Are you okay? he asked Floor. Floor barely able to speak just nodded in response. I am going to walk with you to that cafe over there and we will have a coffee together just to calm your nerves he said. He still was holding Floor by her arm and did not let go of her until they were sitting down. He bought her a coffee, I am Michael he said what is your name?

Floor, I have to go to work I am late. I am sorry I cannot stick around. Thank you for saving me.

Please stay, I think you might be in a shock. Michael replied. As soon as Floor was standing up she was shaking.

Okay I stay.


Floor closed the bathroom door behind her and walked over to Michael. She looked him in his beautiful blue eyes and smiled. He was the man who saved her from the car that day. He was the man who helped her when her relationship with Rob got abusive. He was always there for her and loved her. Why was she even thinking of the what if. She was lucky. She was happy.

The End. 


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