Being Weird.


adjective \ˈwird\

: unusual or strange

Weird is something unusual or strange. And when does something or someone become unusual or strange? 

To be honest when I was looking into the word weird and all the weird facts that you can find on the internet I did not expect that it would change my opinion about the word weird. Because when is something weird, unusual or strange? It has to do with your own opinion, experience and your upbringing. I guess this brings everything down to nature-nurture, I guess you really can not escape that one.

I used to think that people with a lot of piercings were weird. Then I got a few piercings myself so my opinion changed a small bit. The big turn-around for me was the moment I was in Dublin on a shopping trip and one of my friends was buying new shoes.

My friend first got assistance of a pretty girl but she was very arrogant. So my friend turned to the only other person working that day. It was a guy with a lot of facial piercings but he helped my friend perfectly. Found the perfect pair of shoe’s, gave great advise and even provided a new pair of laces with it. (I used to work in a shoe shop myself and except this kind of service). Then I decided piercings should not matter.

So should you always disregard your opinion about someone?

It is a very difficult topic. Because like with everything weirdness has its extremes and should you make yourself uncomfortable by accepting it? I do not think so, I think you should stay true to your self. But saying it and doing it are two different thinks. You should however accept everybody the way they are. Of course it is normal to have questions about the reason why people have certain thing or do it in a certain way. But instead of laughing about it with your friends, why do you not ask the person in question the why?

I heard the story before about a girl who was badly burned. It was very visible and everybody was looking at her when she was walking past them on the street. It made her feel self-conscious, she got scared to go outside. What she did mention was is that she did not mind people asking her what happened. However it were only children who would ask her, she would answer them that she had scares due to fire and that they needed to be careful with fire. Most of the times the parents would drag the child away before she could answer.

In this case asking is better. Just think if you were in her shoes how would you feel? So next time, go over and ask!

Just remember next time you think someone is weird, strange or unusual they might think exactly the same about you!


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