The start.

I always have wanted to be a writer. The way you can express yourself with the words, the way you can get your emotions out by writing is amazing. I have had a tough childhood and writing helped me be less angry and mean when I got older. It helped me overcome the pain, sadness and the lonely feeling.

The worst part is that I am only able to write when I am hurt and sad. When I am happy I have no inspiration. Should I therefore live as unhappy live so I at least will be able to make my dream of becoming a writer come true or should I let go of my dream and be happy.

I do not want to become a writer to become famous I want to be unknown but I want people to enjoy my writing as I did with so many writers before.

I will post short stories on my blog, And hope people enjoy them.


With eyes full of pain,

She smiled with great sadness.

Her love will fade away into the darkness.

He will be lost forever.

Without her heart as his.


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