Short story.


The acorn and the bird. 

Once upon a time there was a beautiful oak tree full with small and big acorns, All the birds and squirrels visit the tree to have parties and eat the acorns but as the tree got older it became very, very sick.

All the acorns fell of the tree except one acorn. The acorn that was left, was very lonely. As all his friends left. He cried himself to sleep every night.

One day a bird flew past the tree. The bird was very tired and sad as he lost his family on his way to the sun. He saw the sick oak tree and landed on a branch to sleep. The acorn saw the bird and said: Oh bird, Hello? But the bird did not hear him as he was so tired.

The acorn stayed up all night so he would not miss the bird. He was so happy, finally he would have a friend and would be able to leave the tree.

When the bird woke up, he was very hungry. He finally saw the acorn and flew over to the acorn.

Hello mister bird said the acorn. Oh hello acorn, I am very hungry said the bird.

The acorn was very happy and said to the bird: I would like to come with you. I want too become an oak tree myself.

The bird said: Okay, Let’s go on an adventure together.

The bird flew away once he was finished eating the acorn and went looking for his family. He flew and flew and when he finally found the land of the sun he found his family again.

A few days later the acorn fell out of the bird into the grass below. The acorn found a nice spot to sleep. The rain came and years past. The bird always came back to the acorn each year. Until the bird was old and grey and the acorn was a beautiful and big oak tree full with acorns which the bird would eat.

The end.


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